Monday, August 29, 2016

Room A7 Rubbish Survey

Room A7 Rubbish Survey

There is too much rubbish in the world.  Some rubbish can be recycled, some can be reused and some needs to go to the landfill.

I wonder what rubbish A7 produces in a week?

Your Task
Design and conduct a rubbish survey in A7 that will show:

  • A way to collect the class rubbish and classify it
  • The different types of rubbish collected over a week
  • The weight in grams of rubbish collected over a week 

Your presentation must include:
  • Data recorded on a Tally chart
  • Data recorded on a graph (eg - Bar graph, Pictograph, Pie Chart with a key)
  • Correctly labelled charts and graphs, including axis labels
  • Photos of the rubbish classified into groups
  • What is the mean, median and range of weights of the rubbish over a week?
  • Ideas for what we could do with the rubbish instead of throwing it in the bin!

Present your findings using Google Sheets and Google Slideshow

You will need to do some finding out about collecting and displaying data before you start.  

What is a tally chart and bar graph?

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